Call for Papers

Intelligent Computing Technologies

Fog/Edge Computing
Cloud/Mobile Cloud Computing
Internet Services and Applications
Computer Communication Networks
Smart Grid Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things as a Service
High Performance Computing
Soft Computing Approaches
Green and Sustainable Computing
Human-Centered Services
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Machine Learning
Fault-Tolerance, Reliability, and QoS
Social Computing and Networks
Cyber Physical Systems
Autonomic and Secured Computing
Biomedical Computation and Informatics
Computational Complexity
Knowledge and Data Engineering
Deep Learning and Autonomous Processing
Smart Distributed Computing Architectures

Intelligent Information and Control Systems

Big Data and Machine Learning
Information Retrieval
Information Modelling and Requirements Engineering
Web-based Information Systems
Human-Computer Interaction and Interfaces
Optimal and AI-based Control Techniques
Data Sensing, Fusion and Mining
Linear and Nonlinear Control
Robust and Adaptive Control
Robotics and Intelligent Control
Software Agents for Control Systems
Autonomous Control Strategies
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems
Distributed Control Systems
Intelligent Fault Detection and Identification
Fuzzy Logic Control
Neural Networks based Control Systems
Process Control and Optimization Algorithms
Machine Learning and Control Applications
Real-time Systems Control